Caravan Palace Chronologic Album Download ZIP

Caravan Palace Chronologic Album Download ZIP. After a long waiting, Caravan debuted his album titled “Chronologic” and the full album is right here for fast download which he has featured Charles X in About you track and Tom Bailey in Waterguns track.

Listen, stream and download Caravan Palace Chronologic Album Zip right here from his newly released LP Album titled “Chronologic” which has been well anticipated and waited for by fans.

Caravan Palace Chronologic Album Zip Download

  1. Caravan Palace – Miracle
  2. Caravan Palace – About You ft. Charles X
  3. Caravan Palace – Moonshine | Download Mp3
  4. Caravan Palace – Melancolia | Download Mp3
  5. Caravan Palace – Plume
  6. Caravan Palace – Fargo
  7. Caravan Palace – Waterguns ft. Tom Bailey | Download Mp3
  8. Caravan Palace – Leena | Download Mp3
  9. Caravan Palace – Supersonics
  10. Caravan Palace – Ghost | Download Mp3
  11. Caravan Palace – April | Download Mp3



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