How much is N60m that Khafi Cannot Earn from her Job in 2 or 3 years? Daddy Freeze React

BBNaija - Daddy Freeze Reacts To UK Police Khafi Investigation

Apparently, there’s a police investigation in a case related to the Nigeria Born Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, London for unavoidably disobeying her boss to appear in a live Tv reality show called Big Brothers Nigeria. A show originated from Big Brothers Africa.

Not just did she take unpaid leave to participate in the show. Recalled that her boss has refused her to take part but she never listened and further involved herself in open sex with another housemate by name Gideon which went viral and labelled as destructive to the police force’s conduct.

A lot of people and public figures reacted to her actions and fans also reacted to her involvement in the show which also promotes nudity and all sexual abuses considering her position as a public servant and a career person which distinguishes her from certain behaviours and Television appearance such as this.

However, Controversial Nigerian radio host and presenter, Daddy Freeze, has reacted to the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into one of its officers, BBNaija Housemate, Khafi. According to Daddy Freeze;

While some will say it’s her life, I wonder why she would do something I personally consider quite reckless? Like putting a good-paying job with benefits and a future on the line for a few good followers and links on Instagram? How much is N60m that she cannot earn from her job in 2 or 3 years?

Daddy Freeze lamented that she might have her own personal reasons for indulging in such activities which do not guarantee she’s the winner putting her career at risk to get some cheap fame and social media followers. Freeze also pointed that it’s her choice to have sex in the live show blaming her for not holding and controlling herself. He added;

The s3x part also got me piqued, is she the only one with a vagina? Why she no fit hold body small? But like you guys will say, it’s her life… So I have no choice but to wish her well.

Khafi has been on Twitter trend for the past hours recalled that the UK Sun’s Newspaper has allegedly reported that the BBNaija housemate will be facing sanction and probably sacked for involving in open sex with. However, the metropolitan police force boss has made a statement that there are guidelines that govern the force and therefore, anyone who by chance violate any of their rules of conduct shall face Misconduct Proceedings.



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